Sunset Blood

Method of Inheritance: A designer morph produced by combining the Blood Boa (simple reccessive) gene with the Salmon hypo (incomplete dominant) gene & the Hog Island Boa influence. A Bloody Sunset Boa is a super hypo Hog Blood Boa.

Appearence: A beautiful, pale orange Boa with black eyes and a pink tongue

In 2008 I bred a male striped Salmon hypo 66% poss het Blood to a nice clean, pale female Hog Island Boa. The hypo Hogs in the resulting litter had very good colour & had also inherited the sires striped tail. I held back the two most colourfull pair in the hope that if the sire was indeed het for Blood, this pair had the best chance of being hets. They both developed even more colour as they matured.

They were paired up for the 2012 breeding season with the intention of producing Sunsets. Although there was a possibility of them being het for Blood, the likelyhood was very slim. On 20th May the female proved both herself & the sire to be het for Blood by producing a litter of Bloody Sunsets, Bloody hypo Hogs and Hog Bloods as well as Sunsets, hypo Hogs & Hog crosses all 66% poss het for Blood. A few of the litter mates also showed a very pale appearance, which I believe is a result of them inheriting a stronger Hog influence. One of the Bloody Sunsets in this litter showed this characteristic, resulting in an almost patternless appearance!