Customer Testimonials

"Marc I am blown away with the quality snakes you have got. Got to be some I've the nicest I have seen yet. Thank you for the information you gave and my stunning dwarf pastel hypo boa, will defo be seeing you in the future thanks again Glen. Ps I would highly recommend Marc to anyone."

Submitted by Glen

"From looking at the gallery and judging by everything else, by far the best snake breeder I have come across. I recently purchased a dwarf Boa pastel/normal and got it delivered today. Very very impressed, healthy snake and reasonable prices. Marc gives you accurate answers on any question you have to ask about the snakes. Will defo be coming back here for another Boa in the future :)"

Submitted by Mikey Herrington

"Very, very pleased with my Boa from Marc at Selective Bred Reptiles. She is happy, healthy and full of life! Excellent service from start to finish and also arranged an excellent courier! Thanks again!"

Submitted by Andrew Hepburn

"Very happy with the Boa I got from Marc, its very healthy and the quality is spot on. Marc's a very helpful guy, keeps good comunications and always happy to answer any questions with a fast reply. On having a look around his facility I could see that Marc has put a lot of effort and time into keeping his boas to a high standard . He also has a very organised method of keeping records for every Boa he has which is very professional. I choose the breeders I return to buy again from very carefully and without a doubt I'll be buying from Marc again. Thanks Marc, Dean"

Submitted by Dean McMenamin

"Brillant comms from the start to the finish. The advice given regarding my choice was 2nd to none. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of purchasing a boa then Marc is by far the best person to come too. I had to use the delivery and the service from the driver was also very good. They contacted me days before and gave me an ETA and then on the day they also contracted me and arrived at the time they stated. I purchased 2 Boa's from Marc and can honestly say that their temperament is outstanding . I will be using Marc from now on when I extend my collection in the future and will be recommeding Marc to all my friends who keep reptiles."

Submitted by Paul Yates

"Marc is a man who is very passionate about his snakes, which was the main thing for me when I decided to buy off him (apart from the beautiful snakes he breeds). I cannot recommend Marc enough, any questions I had were answered without judgment , he even took time to show me most of his collection which was brilliant and much appreciated. So all in all Marc is a great bloke, great Boas, helpful and I cannot recomend highly enough. I'm sure I will see you in the near future."

Submitted by Bradley Currie

"Recently made my 1st purchase from Marc and the service received was first class. Ordered my famale Kahl Albino and she arrived in perfect conditon complete with all slough and feeding records, was also kept informed every step of the way. I'll be ordering again from Marc as my collection grows without hesitation. Jason"

Submitted by Jason Runnalls

"The experience of purchasing from Marc has been A1. The quality of the younster is second to none. Delivered on time and with care. Well fed and healthy a fantastic change from some others I have dealt with over the 40 years I have been keeping snakes who maximise theirr profits by starving their animals. I would definately use Marc again if he has something I cannot resist. Best regards."

Submitted by Chris Morley

"Marc, well happy with my sunglow, pleasure buying from such a knowledgeable and proffessional breeder. I will definately be dealing with you again. Many thanks Martin."

Submitted by Martin

"In the past two years or so I have bought 10 Boas from Marc, from a Dwarf Pastel to my latest trio of T+ Nics. Every single animal has been in tip top health and fed from the off. Marc has a wonderful and diverse collection and every time I have been to see him he has had something better to show me. Very knowledgeable man and really straightforward to deal with. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a breeder and the Boas he produces have proved to be brilliant. He's the "Ronseal" of Boa breeding ... "Does exactly what it says on the tin!"

Submitted by Phil Carter

"Over the past few years I have got to know Marc, oh and buy a few Boas!! Marc is a great guy and his Boas are out of this world. Every year I look forward to see what he is breeding and what the outcome of those breedings will be. Every year I say to myself no more snakes but Marc always seems to breed something I cant stop myself buying! I hope you have another good year breeding Marc and my wallet can take another hammering lol"

Submitted by Dominic Edwards

"When it comes to his Boas I find Marc very knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with, I have a few of his Boas in my collection now and one of my favourites at the moment is the female dwarf Pastel Fusion I got from him last year. These are truely stunning in the flesh and would recommend one of these to anyone. Marc is always willing to give advise and help out when he can. Thanks again for the Boas I got from you, looking forward to seeing what you produce in the following years and see if I'm tempted by yet another great Boa."

Submitted by Kevin Hasley

"Having purchased several snakes from Marc over the past year, I trust his opinion implicitly and would recommend his animals to anyone. Having limited experience with Boa Constrictors myself, Marc is always available to answer questions or should I say panics! If you are considering joining the addictive world of snake keeping then Selective Bred is the place to start."

Submitted by Tom Knight

"Brought a Pastel Dwarf Boa from Marc on Sunday, picked his brains for a good 45 minutes. Very helpful and knowledgeable and his snakes are second to none. I highly recommend this breeder. Thanks"

Submitted by Alex

"Definitely pleased I selected Marc as the breeder to buy my boas from. He took his time to guide me through the best options to fit my needs. Not only did he help in educating me about keeping boas, he also supplied two wonderful examples. Thanks Marc a truly great experience and will definitely be back if I decide to grow my collection".   

Submitted by Rob Corbey

"Having never bought from a breeder before, I found Marc very down to earth as a person and mind blowingly knowledgeable. So naturally he answered all my questions in a calm & relaxing manner. And because Marc exists I am now the proud owner of 2x 100% het blonde T+ albinos that were also very reasonably priced and not a million miles away.... I would highly recommend Marc to all and can pretty much guarantee the wife will be buying again from him".

Submitted by Jon Stewart

"I have to say I have been wanting Boas from Marc for a while and I finally got one and so did my husband. when we went to Marc's we were not disappointed his Boas are amazing, the whole room is so well laid out, and spotlessly clean. Marc was more than happy to chat with us and answer any questions we had. His collection is amazing, i even got to hold an adult female which was awesome. Marc talked us through everything and was very knowlegeable it was easy to see he loves his animals and is passionate about them. His prices are great, the two 100 % het blonde T+ albinos we got are gorgeous . Would highly recommend Marc to anyone and I will be more than happy to go back to Marc year after year. Thank you Marc they are beautiful".

Submitted by Michelle Stewart

"Very happy with my purchase from Marc . Easy fast and friendly transaction".

Submitted by Paul Lampitt

"Marc, thanks for the amazing VPI albino Jungle male. Everything was good organized and the transport was arranged good as well. Overall a good experience and we hope to do business with you again in the future".

Submitted by Martin Kranenburg Boadiction

"Marc has been incredibly helpful, giving information and the lot about his animals and boas in general! My recent purchase of one of his t+ boas went smoothly and without fault, resulting in me gaining a fantastic animal! Wonderful man with high quality animals! I would highly recommend him!"

Submitted by Jonathan Mbu

"Marc breeds the best boa's I have ever seen. He gives an outstanding service. Marc is also one the nicest and friendliest guys I have come across and will always answer all questions, he is always willing to help. You only get what you pay for and you definitely get the very best from Marc without it costing you the earth. I am buying another 2 boas from Marc and I don't think it will be my last from him. I can not recommend Marc Norrie high enough. Put simply Marc is the best and you get the best."

Submitted by John Bennett

"Marc is genuinely one of the nice guys in the reptile trade. Has some really nice snakes producing some great examples. I have recently bought a couple of boas and will certainly be returning to buy more. Very helpful, very clear and precise with any questions you have.  The set up Marc has is pretty impressive, very clean and kept at the right temps etc.  I look forward to buying more in the future :)"

Submitted by Jamie Jones

"What can I say that hasn't already been said above about Marc and his boa collection. Outstanding service, beautiful boa's ever so well tempered and looked after. Im over the moon with my jungle het VPI T+ albino's. Marc's always there to answer any question large or small, brilliant communication and the payment plans are great as it's made it possible for me to own and care for some beautiful designer snakes. Ive also dealt with Marc over quite a few years and he's very trustworthy fair guy that as far as Im concerned is the best in his field when it comes to the high standard and professionalism of his boa constrictors and knowledge!!!!"

Submitted by Matthew Hope

"I purchased an adult and juvenile Boa from Marc, they came today and both are faultless. Communication from the start was excellent even down to organising the courier. I will definitely be looking at Marcs for sale list regularly. Highly recommended breeder, his boas are something else. Thankyou."

Submitted by Andy Poyner

"A genuine hobbyist breeder with a true passion for the animals he keeps and a contagious enthusiasm. 
Couldn't be happier with the snake I collected, a great example of it's morph and species, in perfect health and condition. 
A real pleasure to deal with and would happily do so again!"

Submitted by Stuart Goff

"This was my first experience dealing with a breeder and Marc has blown me away with his prompt replies, delivery, recording and - of course - the quality of the snake! I now have a lovely pastel het kahl who is alert, active and has great tone. I can't fault him at all! I would defiantly recommend for both experienced and new boa keepers alike."

Submitted by Connie Norris

" I met Marc at Doncaster reptile show and started talking, I was unsure about a few things and he was quick to help me work them out upon meeting him he had a great display of animals all in great condition.  As it was my first visit I looked around at other stuff but nothing caught my attention I quickly found my way back to Marcs table and soon purchased my stunning cb14 blonde t+Albino which I am very pleased with, such a clean looking boa I would certainly purchase again in the future and will recommend him to any Boa lover like me, very helpful and overall nice person have the chance to meet. :-)"

Submitted by Shaun Smith

"One simply doesn't visit Marc's incredible collection and leave empty handed :) I went for one, a stunning Motley Pastel Male that haunted me as soon as I saw it's photo.. I came away with two ... a beautiful Hypo Jungle Female, clear, colourful she just had to come home too. Both have settled in great, feeding, shedding and great to handle. 
The collection is just jaw dropping... I am sure these will not be my last Marc Norrie boas.. It was a privilege to see new born hypo leopard babies still in their goo, I can as yet only dream of getting to that stage. Absolute favourites though the VPI t+.. one was probably the most beautiful boa I have ever seen. I am saving my pennies. 
Thank you Marc for my boas and for an insight into the boa world. Keep doing what you are doing..."

Submitted by Don Meek

"Many thanks to Marc for my amazing motley, lovely to see such a picture of health as this little boy is, an absolute testament to Marcs skill and dedication as a breeder, and the whole sale process has been great from start to finish, will definitely be dealing with you again!"

Submitted by Gemma Binks

"First purchase from Marc couldn't be happier with this little fella. Had him couriered from Marc to myself via Cold Blooded with amazing service. The quality of the Motley 100% het Kahl is outstanding and truly amazing. I decided to order from Marc after talking to my snake mates and found that he came highly recommended with quality through and through and the prices were just right. I also managed to source and snap up a female DH that Marc also produced in 2012 who is absolutely a beauty. Thanks again Marc and looking forward to another purchase soon."

Submitted by Dean Higgins

"Being a keeper of Royals and new to the Boa market I asked around where to get a Dwarf Boa from and a number of people suggested speaking to Marc, having all ready having a Redline Nicaraguan male was looking for a female to pair him with. The advice communication and support I got was faultless, I bought a 2014 T+ Nicaraguan off Marc that arrived yesterday (17/07/2015) and I have to say I could not be happier a beautiful snake with a fantastic temperament couriered by Kev Bargent and Cold Blooded Movements. Excellent snake, great price and a faultless transaction many thanks Marc.........perhaps a few more Boas might be joining the 13 Royals we have ;)"

Submitted by Lance Lloyd

"I cant put into words how blown away I am with my new female jungle VPI T+ Boa that I picked up from Marc today she is in perfect health and her colours are jaw dropping as is every Boa in his collection.  Also Marc has kept in touch with me via email and on request sent me extra pics all in all outstanding service and Boa.  I would recommend Selective Bred Reptiles to anyone that I know.
ps. As I said I went to Marcs house today, he and his wife were very welcoming."

Submitted by Jamie Bower

 "I've been following Marc for years now and with such a fantastic reputation I had no problems purchasing a boa from him, easy to talk to, honest, polite, 100% reliable and producing world class boas, what more could you want!"

Submitted by Andy Bateman

"I am pleased to say that Marc belongs among the most solid breeders. Animals that I bought from him are very good and 100% healthy. Marc also arranged the transportation and safe transfer of animals. I am very satisfied. Thank you Marc"

Submitted by Robert Štěrba

"I recently purchased a few snakes from Marc. All are healthy and beautiful. Even better was the service, information and advice I received from Marc which was important to me as I'm new to boas. I'm sure I will be buying from him again soon!!"

Submitted by Murat Hassan

"I bought a female blonde T+ albino boa constrictor from Marc and am over the moon with her and his service. He was more than happy to answer my questions properly and even sorted a family member to deliver the snake to my door! Cheers Marc!"

Submitted by Jon Wilson

"Hmmm. Where to start. Marc has been a huge name I have looked up to over last few years. Finally I found some cash to get a couple of stunning healthy boas produced by the man himself. Great buisness man. Great examples. Great communication. Great result. You will not regret any transaction with Marc.  One of the genuine good guys. 😃👍"

Submitted by Ant Parkes

"Now, this man is one of the most professional yet genuine men in the hobby. Passion shows through out the quality of his boas.
Top notch quality and very helpful. He was very willing to put my questions to rest and I'm sure I'll buy off him again!
Thank you for my stunning hypo salmon het leopard. One happy keeper."

Submitted by Corey Paterson

"Since getting back into boas, I have been searching the web for quality animals and after speaking to Marc at one of the shows I was determined to buy a boa or two from him. Well once I saved I contacted him. As I was spoilt for choice, after deciding I met him at the Donny show where you could see his display of boas.... was like a child at Christmas.... lol I picked up my girl a lovely example of a pastel motley. I'm so happy she fed straight away. Marc is a great guy with some lovely quality boas. You won't find a more down to earth guy. I'm be definitely coming back to him for my next boa. Thanx again"

Submitted by Charlie Wall

"Got my first Boa from Marc yesterday and very impressed with his knowledge , set up and collection. Marc was nice enough to show me most of his collection which includes some incredible Boas. He was also happy to answer my beginner questions and clearly he is knowledgeable and passionate about reptiles and Boas in particular. Great bloke and great breeder , totally recommend to anyone thinking of getting a quality Boa"

Submitted by Mark Sortain

"Extremely professional service and beautiful boas!   Marc was very supportive during the whole process, providing detailed information about my potential purchases (even helping me out with breeding information), and following up post-delivery to make sure everything was ok.  Top class service, highly recommended seller and will defiantly be keeping my eye out for future clutches."

Submitted by David Hickey

"Just want to say thank you to Marc! We recently brought a male 100% het vpi t+ albino boa and the service provided was fantastic. It was clear to see that Marc has a true passion in what he does, he was willing and able to answer all our questions and showed us his amazing collection of boas. We would highly recommend Marc and would definitely use him again in the future. It's lovely to buy a snake from someone who knows so much and we know that if needed we could contact and ask him anything! 
Thanks again Marc
Amy & Andrew :)"

Submitted by Andrew Ford

"100% would recommended Marc to anyone, he is a fantastic guy. Very informative and happy to help, answered all my questions both via Facebook and in person. Gave up his own time in the evening to show me the boa I was interested in face to face and talk me through his collection. Very professional he has an amazing setup and I'm very excited to have my first boa."

Submitted by Charles Dwyer

"Bought 3 stunning baby boas! Amazing customer service, not one question of mine went unanswered. Helpful, friendly and funny! Top quality boas as well! Very happy and would defiantly purchase again from here!"

Submitted by Scarlett Macfarlane

"Meeting Marc was a fantastic experience, I got to see his set up first hand which was amazing all his boas are amazing, I brought a pair of hypo het leopards and they are out of this world, fantastic temperaments, couldn't ask for a better pair of little beauty's :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thank you Marc got me back in the hobby with the perfect pair to start me off again! "

Submitted by Charlotte Francis

"Had an adult female super hypo jungle boa from Marc, she looked stunning in the pictures but is even more impressive in the flesh (or scales!). Found Marc really helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!"

Submitted by Mary-Anne Price

"I had the pleasure of meeting Marc at an IHS breeders meeting and after drooling over a vpi t+ jungle I cast my eyes to to right to see one of the most beautiful jungles I've ever seen which I bought and am over the moon with. I then Purchased another 2 Boas via email messaging and picked them up from the next meeting. That vpi jungle was still there and was still the most impressive animal in the building. Excellent experience dealing with Marc, the most beautiful animals at the highest quality."

Submitted by Robert Allen

"Today was finally the day that I collected my five stunning Boas that I purchased from Marc, including the Blonde T + Motley, Dwarf Fusion, Het albino VPI's and the Motley VPI. I am glad that I purchased from Marc as he is such a down to earth and unpretentious person. He took the time to show me his amazing collection. There were so many stunning morphs to have a particular favourite. The quality of his collection alone reflects his passion for them. I won't put a limit on how many more Boas that I will be getting from you to add to my growing collection. It's just a case of what you will be producing next, as the possibilities of what may be are definitely endless. Many thanks, Michael."

Submitted by Michael Dasilva

"Thanks for the boa Marc. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go and pick the snake up and see your animals! Gutted. However, the snake I bought came healthy and on time. Great customer service over the internet and loved the option of a flexible payment plan. Thanks for your service. I would recommend Selective Bred Reptiles for anyone in the hobby. Hopefully do business again in the future! "

Submitted by Mark Lindley

"Purchased a male dwarf pastel fusion boa, arrived by an A1 courier much to my delight absolutely pristine healthy and beyond all expectations. Number one place to return to in the future."

Submitted by Josh Saunders

“Received two amazing baby boas via courier from Marc at Selective Bred today, absolutely stunning, lively and healthy. Marc has been faultless in his comms since first contact right up until this morning's delivery. His advice and friendly character has made it a pleasure for me to deal with Marc. Looking forward to future business and i would highly recommend Marc to future customers wishing to purchase quality animals and a good service. Cheers Marc 😉 “

Submitted by Dan Millar

“Well what can I say.. Very very happy right now.
Picked up 2 baby boas (sunset het blood poss jungle) yesterday 4/5/19 from Marc at selective bred... They are stunning & the nicest boas I've ever seen.
His collection is second to none & gave all the time in the world & loads of info.
Well worth the 200 mile round trip & would do it again in a heartbeat..
If you're looking for a quality boa then don't pass selective bred reptiles by...
Thanks Marc.. 👍”

Submitted by Kevin Collyer

“After perusing the web for a boa I knew I’d found something special when I discovered Selective Bred. The Boas were quite unlike anything I’d previously seen. It was obvious to me that the quality of these animals were second to none and I had no doubt that I’d found the breeder I was after.
Marc was happy to answer all my questions and quickly put my mind at ease regarding any concerns.
Upon receiving my Boa, a gorgeous VPI T+ Junglow, it was abundantly clear that it had been well cared for as it was exactly how you would want your snake to arrive.
Extremely happy with my purchase and I’ll definitely be keeping watch of the ‘Available’ section for future treasures as Marc is definitely a breeder we can trust.
Thanks Marc :) “

Submitted by Simon Smallhorne

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