Blonde T+ Albino

Method of Inheritance: Simple Recessive Mutation.

Appearence: Pale ‘Caramel’ background colour with reduced/absence of black pigment, generally replaced with shades of brown. This line often has a striped or ‘Zig Zag pattern on the tail. Some individuals also show a wash of pink in the background colour, primarily to the sides of the face & body.

Blonde T Positive (Tyrosinase Positive) Albinos are an extremely desirable colour morph with a genetic mutation that appears to exhibit an inability to complete the synthesis of melanin but can produce other melanin related pigments such as various shades of brown grey & red. This differs from T- Albinos such as Kahl & Sharp Strain in that areas that would normally be black or brown are typically white.

Newborn Blonde T Positive Albinos (as seen in the pictures below) have little or no dark pigment at all & tend to show grey pigmentation where black would normally be present. As they mature, this grey colour will develop into a dark brown.

The resulting appearance is that of an attractive Pale background colour and reduction of black pigment. I have produced litters of these boas from a het x het breeding in 2005 and 2006, on both occasions some of the possible hets and the visual T+ Albinos also exhibited a beautiful pink wash in the background colouration.

All the T Positive Albinos in our collection are from the Blonde / Zig Zag line which was originally developed in Russia. Visual T Positive Albinos from this line generally exhibit purple tongue and a striped tail which seems to be genetically independent of the T Positive appearance.

The pictures below show both the visual & heterogeneous T Positive Albinos in our collection.