Hypo Hog

Method of Inheritance: Co-dominant

Appearence: Small Hypomelanistic Boa with increased colour

Hypo Hogs are produced by breeding a hypo melanistic Boa to a Hog Island Boa. As Hog Island Boas are a naturaly occuring Hypo melanistic locale, when combined with the Hypo morph you get an exaggerated hypo appearance in the offspring. This can then be taken one step further by breeding them together to produce the stunning Sunset Boa, which is effectively a super Hypo Hog.

Hypo Hogs also have increased colour which tends to fully develop after about 2 years. In order to produce the best coloured Hypo Hogs we could, we used a very red/orange hypo male to a nice colourful Hog Island female.

As the sire is 50% Central American & the Dam is a Hog, our Hypo Hogs should remain nice & small as adults due to the strong dwarf influence.

Our Hypo Hogs are not only dripping with colour but they are also genetic striped and het Blood!

The pictures below show some of the Boas produced in our 2008 litter.