Dwarf Pastel Fusion

Method of Inheritance: Aparrently genetic, but method of inheritance to be confirmed

Appearence: Pastel Boa with aberrant markings

In 2007 we produced a litter of Boas as a result of breeding a mildly aberrant colourful Male Pastel Boa to a nice clean, colourful Female. Within this litter approximately half showed some degree of pattern aberrancies, from very mild to extreamely wild!

As the Pastel Male that sired this litter also displayed mild aberrancies it appears that this is a genetic mutation that has been passed on to the next generation. The method of inheritance appears to potentialy be co-dominant. However further breedings are needed to confirm this.

This pattern mutation is expesssed by the appearance of the dorsal saddles being merged or fused together. We have therefore named this new morph the 'Fusion Boa'.

In 2010 we produced our first litter from a Fusion x Fusion breeding. This litter showed stronger & more numerous aberrancies than all previous litters. The majority of the Boas in this litter had some degree of pattern aberrancies.