Albino (Sharp Strain)

Method of Inheritance: Simple Recessive Colour Mutation

Appearence: Complete absence of any black/dark pigment. Red pupils and pink tongue.

As the name suggests, this line of Albino Boas was originally produced by Brian Sharp. These incredible looking Boas are the key to producing other current morphs such as Sharp Sunglows as well as future designer morphs.

In 1991, Brian Sharp imported a wild caught female Albino Boa from Colombia. He successfully bred her and his strain (or line) of Albino Boas was created. It has been determined that the two Albino Boa strains (Kahl and Sharp) are not genetically compatible with each other. If the two strains are bred together no Albino Boas are produced, only hets for both strains (normal looking babies). Because of this incompatibility, an Albino Boa should be referred to as either a Kahl Albino, or a Sharp Albino.

The pictures below show the visual Sharp Strain Albinos in our collection.